By admin | January 19, 2005

Stuff like this just warms our souls –

This was the title of the email – LET YOU IN ON SOMETHING, MAGGOT

I am so friggin sick of your Hollywood Scolors analyzing military based, or war movies with no knowledge, backgroud/backbone, or charactar. I am an very proud verteren…and it makes me want to grab your pencildick little yuppie critic by his neck and pick him up. Why? Since when do you or anyone else have the right to call any of us military “generic”???!!! I will put my “Generic” combat boot so far up is rear end, he will taste leather for a week! You may have not liked the movie, but you are making a pathetic atempt at critqueing military combat protocal and rules of engagement. Grow up, actually take off the Levi’s and Birkenstocks and join the miliatary ( you won’t make it past the bus doors), but anyway….know what the hell you are talking about before you post that horse s**t. There are squads right now, fighting and dying for the same operations that Tears of the Sun are based on. No military operation has a right to be flamed like that by an uneducated, unexperienced, maggot like you or your “internet smart guys”. Screw you and your college knowledge, until you feel lead fly past your head for this
country….secure your pathetic opinion. That is all.

I agree, they really should take off the Birkenstocks.

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