By Admin | May 15, 2003

Remember how as a child your parents really pissed you off and you’d get so mad you’d wish they were dead? Timmy (Darian Weiss) of “Timmy’s Wish” knows that feeling all too well. When he’s sent to his room for not finishing his dinner, he prays to “sweet Lord Jesus” for his parents’ demise. In typical movie fashion, he gets his wish. What Timmy wasn’t expecting, however, is that the sweet Lord (Patrick Cannon) is actually the guy who killed them.
“Timmy’s Wish” is a totally irresponsible and blasphemous film. Jesus is a blood-streaked killer with a sense of humor who enlists Timmy’s aid in disposing of his parents’ bodies, and he also gives Timmy beer and lets him smoke a cigarette, too. There’s even a scene where Timmy and Jesus carve up the bodies while a ‘60s pop song plays on the soundtrack. Could a film be any more sacrilegious? (Well, there was that short film that Mike Diana did years ago … but that’s best left unmentioned.)
Fundamentalists tend to get upset over the most mundane things. If they view this film, though, they will hit the steeple with such rage that even atheists will think Hell just burst open. Cannon plays Jesus for dark, violent laughs, similar to the feel “Re-Animator” had, and that’s what will really upset God-fearing viewers. Making Jesus an all-powerful, jovial murderer kind of goes against the bumper sticker image people have of him these days.
In a time where more folks are embracing religion out of fear of terrorism, it’s nice to have a film like “Timmy’s Wish” come along and burst the stoic bubble of mass indoctrination. One can only hope that Cannon and company will do a few more shorts where other religious icons are skewed. Either way, the future looks bright for these filmmakers … if they aren’t hunted down and burned at the stake first. (To keep from being offended, remember to keep repeating, “It’s only a movie. It’s only a movie….”)

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