By Phil Hall | October 16, 2001

Did you hear the one about the gay white New York comic with cerebral palsy who lives in Harlem? You didn’t? Well, then you need to meet Greg Walloch.
If you’re in New York on November 9, you’ll be able to meet this unique funnyman on the big screen with the U.S. premiere of the new documentary “Keeping it Real: The Adventures of Greg Walloch.” Offering a unique triptych that is part-performance film with Greg in concert at various venues, part-behind-the-scenes day-in-the-life portrait complete with family interviews, and part-visualization of Greg’s wickedest comic monologues with guest stars including Anne Meara and Stephen Baldwin, “Keeping it Real: The Adventures of Greg Walloch” is a peerless and priceless entry into a most unusual and entertaining world.
Skewering society in general and the gay world in particular, Greg’s comedy offers a trenchant splash of politically incorrect humor. In a recent interview with Genre Magazine, Greg revealed his simple dream: “It’s my goal to become the most beloved disabled performer in the world. I am going to kick that Christopher Reeve’s a*s!”
For newcomers to Greg’s humor, the take-no-prisoners approach is quite a jolt. His routine “F**k the Disabled” was inspired by a genuine question from a naive brunchmate who wondered if Greg’s homosexuality was because being disabled meant he could not score with chicks. In the routine, Greg creates a service to “save” disabled men from a queer life by matching them with overeager ladies ready to lie back for a noble cause. (The title of “Keeping it Real: The Adventures of Greg Walloch” was originally “F**k the Disabled,” but that was switched following concerns from exhibitors.)
At 30 years old, Greg is no stranger to bringing his humor far and wide. His one-man autobiographical show “White Disabled Talent” (the title refers to how he was defined by a tactless “Sesame Street” casting agent) has toured the United States and played in Europe and Australia. Radio bad-boy Howard Stern first brought Greg on his show for some “Handicapped Star Search” shenanigans, and then had him back after realizing that fast-witted Greg does not use his crutches as a comedy crutch. New York’s top comedy clubs, including Catch a Rising Star, have featured him on their stages, and even the Internet offered Greg a chance to appear in some inane short films where his teeth are brushed with glue and where he conducts a blindfolded taste test involving a cup of coffee and a cup of paint.
Although he is no stranger to feature films (he is currently shooting a scene for the indie film “The Julia Wonder Story” and he also appeared in the new documentary “Crip Shots”), Greg finally gets to go front and center with this new production.
Film Threat caught up Greg in New York to learn what it takes to be a gay disabled movie star…
Get the interview in part two of EMERGING INDIE STAR GREG WALLOCH>>>

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