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By Sally Foster and Peeve with photos by Chris Gore | November 1, 2007

After the red carpet, Peeve and I were ready to head on into the party and check out the “Ratatouille” scene. I was actually really surprised by the reaction — most people who saw her wanted to pet or hold her, rather than being skeeved out. We did get a number of odd questions, though, such as, “Is that the rat from the movie?” and, “Did Disney hire you to come here as her handler?” Um, no, and… no.

After a quick trip to the ladies’ room, Peeve and I are ratty to re-join the party. Oops, did I say ratty? I meant ready. Sorry!

Unfortunately, Peeve forgot her ID and was refused service at the bar. Ok, she doesn’t really have an ID, but she actually does have a birth certificate!

Peeve poses for a photo with Pixar’s chief creative officer and “Ratatouille” Exec-Producer John Lasseter! Oddly enough, Mr. Lasseter actually didn’t even talk to me. I guess someone pointed the rat out to him and he came over to pet her… but he was looking away from us the entire time.

No, Peeve did not pee on this table. She was just looking for the free drinks.

Peeve takes a beady-eyed look at the Hollywood party scene… and throws her back feet up in exasperation.

Peeve checks out the director’s chair which was occupied by John Lasetter just moments before.

Sally and Peeve’s adventure continues in Part 3 of Lol-Ratatouille>>>

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