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By Eric Campos | September 11, 2002

The fliers went out and the freaks lined up. Director Pascal Franchot posted fliers all about Los Angeles, announcing a casting call for anyone with “unusual talents” to take part in a movie. Upon arriving to the call, these performers learned that their auditions were being filmed and would become a major chunk of the movie, with several of the performers singled out to be interviewed in their natural home life surroundings.
Interestingly enough, within the first opening minute of the film, there’s a shot of an Angelyne billboard – the biggest freak of all in LA even though her screen time in this freak show is limited to just that one billboard shot. Following, are scenes of unusual performers who were kind enough to not only show off their talents, but let the filmmakers into their lives, making for an addictive watch that just gets more bizarre as the film carries on.
The performers featured include transsexual model/dancer/internet porn goddess Vida Deville, who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago and it was awesome to see in this film that she’s still a total firecracker; the Goddess Bunny – a transsexual hermaphrodite with polio who made it big when starring in Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show” video and who you’ll probably recognize, or maybe have even by harassed by, if you’ve ever hung out at Mondo Video in Los Angeles; Mark Steger and Hannah Sim – nude and completely hairless contortionists who have appeared in experimental video pieces and do live performances such as hanging by their feet, nude, from the First Street Bridge running across the LA river; Kari French – performance artist known for her outrageously costumed stage antics and p***y prints that she makes and sells at shows – this entails Kari painting her p***y and then squatting down on top of a pink sheet of paper, creating a p***y print to be sold for a buck or two. I hear that if you give her five bucks, she’ll even sign it for you; and then there’s Jerome Coleman, a gay, physically deformed African American who, despite having little nubs for legs and a right arm that only consists of a finger, entertains people on the street with his skateboarding and breakdancing skills.
These shining personalities and many more are featured here. This is prime viewing material to help unleash that inner desire to get out there and do something outrageous, even if it is to run down highway 101, naked and on fire with a bucket of raw chicken on your head.

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