By Film Threat Staff | October 8, 2000

The Kudzu Film Festival, which runs from [ October 17th through the 25th, ] in Athens, Georgia is pleased to announce the participants for their 2000 Festival. As follows, here are the official competition films to be screened at Kudzu:
“Naropa” (Student Short) by Cameron Baity ^ “Hey Vinny” (Feature) by John Huba ^ “Chuck” (Short) by Alex Turner ^ “Edgeways” (Student Short) by Sandra Gibson ^ “A Primer For Dental Extraction” (Short) by Carl Wiedemann ^ “Dead Battery” (Student Short) by Joe Leih ^ “Jigsaw Venus” (Short) by Dean Kapsalis ^ “The Elaine Riot: Tragedy & Triumph” (Short) by Richard Wormser ^ “Boundaries” (Short) by Greg Durbin ^ “The Dancing Cow”(Short) by Taz Goldstein ^ “Astoria” (Feature) by Nick Efterides ^ “Pump-Action” (Short) by Phil “Captain 3D” McNally ^ “Butterfly”(Feature) by Doug Wolens ^ “Time Piece” (Short) by Mark Jordan ^ “The Paper Girl” (Short) by James McCabe ^ “Zoe Loses It” (Short) by Amie Steir ^ “Staccato” (Student Short) by Teocarlo Pulgar ^ “Cardees Barbies” (Short) by Jeremy Workman ^ “A Feeling Called Glory” (Short) by Coreen Mayrs ^ “Chum” (Short) by Dave Fogler ^ “American Dreamer” (Feature) by Alex Cohn ^ “Rejected” (Short) by Don Hertzfeld ^ “Rendezvous In Samarkand” (Feature) by Tim Bridwell ^ “A Whole New Day” (Short) by William Garcia ^ “Moving Illustrations Of Machines” (Short) by Jeremy Solterbeck ^ “Seraglio” (Short) by Gail Lerner/Colin Campbell ^ “No War” (Short) by Svetlana Cvetko ^ “Fifteen Minutes” (Student Short) by Barry Steadman ^ “Mission” (Feature) by Loren Marsh.
For event tickets and program details, go to [ the Kudzu Film Festival website. ]

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