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By Merle Bertrand | February 28, 2000

An impatient and crabby dad with an impressive beer gut takes his two sons to the beach. I don’t know why he bothered as he obviously doesn’t want to be there. When his older son practically begs him to show him how to fly his kite, for instance, pop reluctantly agrees, then offers a few brusque instructions before wandering off to drink beer and pathetically hit on the ladies. Just as I’m not real sure why dad bothered with this day trip, I’m also not real sure why Jay Miracle made this video because nothing happens in it. I kept waiting for one of the kids to accidentally let go of the kite and have to face his father’s wrath, kick sand on a surfer dude and eat a knuckle sandwich because of the bully’s wrath, or trip over a topless sunbathing beach beauty and earn our undying gratitude when she sits up… anything. But no such luck. Instead, this relatively pointless video just kinda unspools and hangs there, not unlike, well, a kite on a string.

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