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Anna and the Apocalypse Director John McPhail

By Chris Gore | December 7, 2018

Imagine The Walking Dead and High School Musical had a zombie baby and you’ll have some idea of what the movie Anna and the Apocalypse is like. Aside from the undead carnage, the singing and dancing, and some very original kills, it’s also a surprisingly delightful Christmas movie for the whole family. Especially the family that loves horror movies. Anna and the Apocalypse director John McPhail has a very good explanation for all this lovely Christmas carnage.

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  1. Dale Knickerbocker says:

    We fill young peoples’ heads with “Hollywood endings” while we’ve royally messed up the world for millenials (climate change, Brexit, etc., etc.). This movie is how they support each other facing that world, represented by the zombie apocalyse. This film is sad and sweet and dark but these young actors pour their heart into it and fill it with joy.

  2. Laura McMurdo says:

    Depending on what a person sees is what they get. I see through metaphors and thus from watching this movie and the message I received, I found it quite interesting. Because it is about Walking Dead and not everyone gets that, it is therefore not Academy Award material however for a musical with a message, I was indeed honored to be able to watch a movie Opera. Well done John McPhail (Director) and staff, crew, actors, writers etc. For me, movies like these indeed make the waiting less daunting. Bravo.

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