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By Phil Hall | November 16, 2008

Gabe Evans’ amusing short “Killer Weed” pays tribute to the old school monster movie through a comic cannabis haze. All of the beloved cliches are in place – the wild-haired man scientist, the vaguely shabby monster, the plucky kids who save the day, even the angered villagers marching off with blazing torches.

In this go-round, the resident mad scientist mixes stem cells with marijuana, creating a being that could easily pass for Swamp Thing’s shaggy cousin. The creature narcotizes those who try to stop it, but a trio of resourceful Cub Scouts distracts the being with a trail of munchies that lead the creature to a conveniently rickety rope bridge that spans an implausibly deep ravine.

The “Killer Weed” ensemble clearly enjoy themselves on camera, offering some of the most wonderfully exaggerated emoting this side of “Reefer Madness.” As a director and writer, Evans keeps the pace moving at a brisk clip. He clearly knows that he can only get X mileage of the humor – but with a seven minutes running time, “Killer Weed” runs its course perfectly without wearing out its welcome. And, quite frankly, that is everything a great short should accomplish!

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