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By Phil Hall | November 14, 2006

It ain’t easy being a cute gay guy in the District of Columbia, particularly when a serial killer is cruising to find his latest hunky victim. At the center of the mayhem is would-be artist and part-time rent boy Manny, who seems to have the weird luck of screwing the guys in the serial killer’s pathfinder. Enter Hamilton, a Washington cop who recently jettisoned his hetero existence for the world of mano-a-mano. Hamilton uses Manny as the bait to lure the killer out, but in the process he finds himself falling in lust with Manny.

“Open Cam” might have been a devastatingly hilarious gay satire on serial killer thrillers, but instead the film plays its story (pardon the expression) straight. The problem is three-fold: the thriller isn’t thrilling, the wildly untalented cast has no clue how respond to the parameters of a crime drama (the acting is so bad that you’d think everyone was performing phonetically), and first-time Robert Gaston is unable to disguise the poverty of the production (both in regard to a nonexistent budget and a nonexistent reason for existence).

What the film offers, however, is a number of fairly graphic sex scenes with men spending a considerable amount of time satisfying themselves or satisfying each other. This boy-on-boy tawdry action may appeal to certain Republican Congressmen and right-wing Colorado evangelical leaders, but it will bore anyone not in the market for soft core gay shenanigans.

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