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By Film Threat Staff | February 20, 2007

After prompting YouTube to remove tons of Viacom content from its site, Viacom is expected to announce an online deal with Joost, according to the Wall Street Journal. Joost, previous known as The Venice Project, is a new Internet service that specializes in commercial video content. The company was created by the two men behind RIAA-darling Kazaa and Skype.

Joost will run full episodes of content with high-quality resolution, rather than the ten minute short feeds that YouTube is known for. Currently in a test phase, Joost should be widely available by June 30.

The anticipated deal will involve licensing programming from Viacom cable networks such as MTV, Comedy Central and Spike as well as movies made by Paramount.

GooTube, what you gonna’ do, brother, when ViaJoost runs wild over you?

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