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My House

By Alan Ng | September 21, 2022

Mary Elizabeth Boylan’s short film, My House, is the story of Hope (Boylan), a woman whose life journey is seen through the prism of her childhood home. The drama opens with Hope (Kenlee Townsend) as a child witnessing a contentious argument between her parents on her father’s visitation day. We then jump a few years to Hope’s teen years (now played by Alexa Reddy) as she attempts to connect with her mother through flowers and an art piece she made. A moment of gratitude passes before mom heads out for the night. Later, an unexpected encounter brings Hope into her mother’s world during a late party at the house.

“…a woman whose life journey is seen through the prism of her childhood home.”

My House is a tale about the sins of our parents being passed on to the next generation. The cycle of childhood trauma only continues until someone decides to break it. That’s where Hope comes in. Filmmaker Mary Elizabeth Boylan brilliantly uses snippets of Hope’s life to tell a powerful and insightful cautionary tale about family. Her visuals beautifully capture Hope’s world as she sees it, and the performances from the cast are perfect.

My House is simply personal and heartfelt storytelling at its finest.

My House screened at the 2022 Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival

For more information, visit the My House Facebook page

My House (2022)

Directed and Written: Mary Elizabeth Boylan

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Alexa Katherine Reddy, Kenlee Anaya Townsend, Julianne Dowler, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

My House Image

"…simply personal and heartfelt storytelling."

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