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By Admin | May 10, 2005

First off, I must say that you are much sexier than your doppelganger Jane Seymour. You put the temptress into her innocent image.
Thank you.

What is your birth name if not too personal?
Well, what would be the point of a stage name if I was to answer that in an interview? I will tell you it is EXTREMELY close to my real name. It is 4 letters off.

You were born on the 20th of May, 1974. I am also a Taurus, they say that we have bad tempers and are very domineering. Does that ring true? Bondage included. (laughs)
Hehe, no, I don’t think so. I’m on the cusp, so, I have a lot of the Gemini in me as well. I was pretty stubborn when I was much younger. But, I mellowed out after I turned 21.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wasn’t sure. I knew I was into health and nutrition, and I had started teaching dance when I was 13-years-old. So, I knew I would dance, which, I do. I always loved entertaining people and helping them to feel good about themselves.

How would you describe your high school experience?
High school was ok. I was kind of to myself. I was in drama, and I was on the lighting crew, but, I spent most of my time after school dancing. I taught and studied tap, ballet, and jazz.

Describe in as much detail as you would like, how you were introduced to the adult film industry?
I had met Sunset Thomas. She was very nice to me, and told me about it. At the time, I sort of dismissed it, but, after I had split up with my boyfriend, I kept thinking about it. Then, when I started dating a new guy, and found out about the girlfriend that he was living with ….and he had lied to me about it, I decided I wanted something more honest. I flew out to LA, and its all history from there.

How long did you originally intend to grace adult screens?
As long as possible.

Tell me about your first film and what happened and how you felt on the first day?
It was empowering. I felt like I was finally free. I worked with Sunset Thomas, Zach Adams, and Felecia. It was my first time ever being with women. It was a ton of fun, and of course, they made me feel welcomed.

Have you ever had any bad experiences in the industry?
Mmmmm, not really. Just politics. Not being promoted enough, companies not keeping their word about signings, things like that. But, nothing really as far as filming.

You are a strict vegetarian. There are various degrees of the word, some just don’t eat red meat where as others cannot have anything that comes from animals. How strict are you and what does your diet consist of?
I do eat fish, and I will eat free range eggs. I don’t eat chicken, red meat, and no dairy products.

Are you a smoker?
Hell no!!

What does Jacklyn do outside of her work?
I love to read, go to empowerment seminars, work out, and I love to travel. So, when I am in a location, I usually spend a couple extra days there to go to the museums, zoos, or history tours.

When we met in Melbourne, Australia back in 2002, you seemed very quiet and reserved. Is that your personality in a nut shell or did you just want me to leave you alone? (laughs)
Hahaha, no, I can be kind of quiet. It’s not that I’m reserved, it’s just that I have a million thoughts running through my head. Between writing, producing, performing, travelling, etc, I’m always stressed that I’m going to forget something, a flight, a meeting, a deadline. S**t, did I pay my gas bill?? Also, in Australia, I was having a hard time keeping up. Some Australians I had no problems understanding, and others, it was like they were speaking a foreign language. I was exhausted trying to keep up on conversations.

I guess it is hard to get a word in edge ways when Ron Jeremy starts talking about his mainstream career. He stole the oxygen out of everyone’s lungs.
Hahaha, yeah ….well, you gotta love him.

I stay well behind the fine line between fan and obsessed fan. Have you ever been accosted by individuals who admire certain characters in “The Bodyguard” (1993) a little too much?
No, I haven’t. Thank goodness!! I’ve gotten some disturbing emails. I turn them over to that stalkers database thingy.

Have you had any successful relationships since becoming a famous adult film actress?
Hehe, no, but, I haven’t tried either. I’ve been single, and with my travel schedule, I’m not in town long enough to build any sort of relationship.

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