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By Film Threat Staff | July 11, 2005

VISIONFEST 05: The Other Festival (VF05), which runs July 20-24, 2005, at the Tribeca Cinemas (corner of Canal & Varick streets in New York City), confirms its complete line-up of events with 47 films originating from 12 different states, and a closing night Awards Ceremony that culminates with a tribute to legendary actor, Marlon Brando.
The festival, which celebrates and promotes artistic achievement in independent, “domestic” film production, has given “in Memoriam” tributes and awards in the past: to Jack Nance in 2002, and Richard Farnsworth in 2003. The decision to pay tribute to Brando, whose career has obviously had more in common with that of a ‘Hollywood’ insider than a traditionally “indie” actor, was reached with the clear intention to pay homage to his “independent” spirit and to his daring and challenging approach to the craft and art of his work. And besides, is there anyone out there who can deny that Apocalypse Now was an independent film? On hand, to receive the 2005 Domani Vision “In Memoriam” Award to Marlon Brando, will be the actor’s son, Miko Brando on July 24 @ 9PM.

The festival also announced its first “sold out” screening of 2005 four days ago, with director Steve Balderson’s Firecracker, becoming the quickest selling film ever in the festival’s own five year history. While “sold out” status has been achieved in the past by numerous “VF” films, none have ever exhausted all tickets with more than twenty days to go before a screening, prompting VF05 organizers to quickly shuffle schedules around to try and set up additional screenings of the Kansas-lensed movie. Also moving tickets quickly, is Brant Sersen’s witty and unique feature, Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, one of the most anticipated New York premieres of VF05. The film, which features a slew of recognizable faces, including that of its formidable lead, Rob Corddry, is a very funny mockumentary that coins the new memorable phrase: “second place is first place for losers,” and has won several awards during its festival circuit run.

The 2005 line-up also includes a rich roster of hip documentaries, providing an unmistakable flavor of ‘Americana’ in what is actually the only “domestic” showcase of films on the entire East Coast. The festival kicks off its opening night with director Jason Rem’s documentary, Put The Needle On The Record, a New York premiere, which delves deeply into the heart-thumping realm of the Electronic House Music culture. Many notable DJ/producer personalities such as Christopher Lawrence, Danny Tenaglia, Dirty Vegas, and Paul Oakenfold, appear in the film and some of the celebrity DJs involved have already expressed interest in spinning their magic at two of the after-parties that are currently being planned in conjunction with the VF05 screening.

Another inner city, culture-themed doc making its NYC debut at VF05 is Nic Hill’s Piece By Piece, which will close the fest’s official ‘Independent Vision’ competition program on Day 5 of the festival, preceding the final Awards Ceremony and the “world premiere” of the FiveXFive NY State of Mind DV Project 2005, the annual VisionFest initiative that gives five filmmakers the opportunity for each to create an original, five-minute digital short that abides by certain time-sensitive guidelines and thematic elements. Among the many other highlights this year: David Beaird’s The Civilization of Maxwell Bright, with Patrick Warburton (Puddy on NBC’s Seinfeld), Marie Matiko, Eric Roberts, Jennifer Tilly, Carol Kane, and Simon Callow; and Christopher P. Garetano’s Horror Business, celebrating its “world premiere” at VisionFest – with many familiar names, which include Mark Borchardt (the somewhat eccentric, but very driven filmmaker at the heart of American Movie). VF05 will also feature nightly after-parties with drink specials and a series of free panel discussions and Q&A sessions with the fest’s filmmakers, in the lower level bar/lounge of the Tribeca Cinemas.

For more info, visit the Domani Vision Film Society website.

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