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By Michael Ferraro | June 18, 2006

The most disappointing thing about Jim Finn’s inventive and experimentally odd film, Interkosmos, is how much you can picture it succeeding. It tells the story of a Communist-led space program, called Interkosmos, and the band of astronauts that travel the stars under it supervision. Their goal is to continue to spread the good Communist word all over the galazy, as well as search for possible future living space. Their mission, if successful, will help preserve the International Communist Movement throughout time and space.

It’s quite challenging to come up with a distinct way to describe this film’s narrative structure. It’s part documentary, part filmstrip, part love story, part propaganda and part musical. Interkosmos is definitely an imaginative, if slightly misguided, piece of work. Numerous times throughout slow buildup makes finally makes its way to a comedic payoff, but the wait is sometimes a test of cinematic endurance. Filmmaker Jim Finn shaped Interkosmos by merging a great look and notable feel throughout. The subject matter, however, might have been better explored in the realm of short film.

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