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You’re You

By Calan Panchoo | April 12, 2023

You’re You is a playful little thing, almost an experimental thought more than a short film. But even with a streamlined runtime of fewer than five minutes, co-writers/co-directors/stars Tara Erickson and Skyler Caleb have managed something cheeky and wholly engaging.

The setup is simple: A man (Caleb) and a woman (Erickson) are having a drink during a first date when he suddenly remembers that their meeting was foretold. The man knows he and the woman are destined to fall in love. Yet, it seems the relationship is also doomed to failure.

“…their meeting was foretold. The man knows he and the woman are destined to fall in love.”

Even with such a thin plot, every minute oozes charm. The acting is solid, and the two characters feel real. Moreover, the film has an unfussy quality about its tone that draws the viewer in. You’re You works so well, in fact, that it’s a wonder it wasn’t turned into something more substantial. However, the closing act opts for a bit of absurd humour. It works well enough, but it also stands in the place of something that could have been even more significant.

Still, the best trick that You’re You pulls is a quiet acknowledgment of the human condition and all of its foibles. Everything worthwhile ends, but it is the enjoyment of life, not the burden of endings, where we find meaning. Likewise, this drama is short and might end too soon, but it is well worth the time it takes to watch.

You're You (2023)

Directed and Written: Tara Erickson, Skyler Caleb

Starring: Tara Erickson, Skyler Caleb, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

You're You Image

"…every minute oozes charm."

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