The Red Pill and the Red Carpet – Expectations for Matrix Resurrection Image

The Red Pill and the Red Carpet – Expectations for Matrix Resurrection

By Film Threat Staff | December 10, 2021

Most fans just couldn’t believe it when the Wachowski sisters announced a new Matrix movie. After all, the directors have repeated quite a few times that the story would remain a closed trilogy. Yet, here we are, with more characters, more effects, and the legendary couple, Neo and Trinity. What’s new?

“Beautiful and Weird”

The movie will be launched this month, and we don’t know much more than what the official trailers show. As expected, the trailer raises more questions than answers them. The clue is in the name: how come Neo and Trinity are still alive? 

However, David Mitchell, one of the writers of the new movie, has left a thing or two for us to wonder about while the movie isn’t out. In an interview with a Greek newspaper, Mitchell said this new movie isn’t a sequel. 

Instead, it’s an independent storyline that mixes all three movies. In fact, by watching the trailer, we can see time isn’t linear in the story. The new production will be “beautiful and weird” in Mitchell’s words. 


Matrix Resurrections obey a few general rules of sequels. For instance, it keeps familiar characters and environments, but in different situations. Here’s where the movie stops playing by the book. Indeed, the trailers raise some questions that put in check everything we thought we knew about the plot. We can see some parts in the trailers when shots from the early movies are matched with new ones with impressive precision. Coincidence?

Here are some other questions to get our heads itching.

Is Morpheus Still the Same?

In a literal sense, obviously not. The role was played masterfully by Laurence Fishburne, and the actor has been replaced by the no less brilliant Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Do the differences end there, though? There’s a mysterious moment when Morpheus can be seen with one of those earplugs, so typical of the agents, while shooting one. Isn’t it suspicious?

More Like the Enemy

The actor playing Agent Smith has also changed. Now the role is played by Johnatan Groff. By the end of the trilogy, it’s clear how Neo and Smith have similar powers. However, in one of the scenes, Agent Smith has his mouth sealed with his skin, just like Neo in the first movie. What could that mean?


Merovingian is one of the most powerful villains in Matrix Reloaded. He’s also played as a very rich and refined man, by Lambert Wilson. Lambert is still on the job, but time doesn’t seem to have treated Merovingian kindly. The character appears in the trailer for a brief moment, but with ragged clothes, long and messy beard, and disarrayed hair. What’s happened? 

The Chosen… Two?

After a succession of hectic fights, Neo appears on the ship saying something like, “she believed in me, and now it’s my turn to believe in her”. On top of that, the trailer shows Trinity pulling off some sick, Neo-like tricks. Is Trinity the new superhero in the story?

Like Humans?

While Merovingian appears in a pretty bad shape, a voice can be heard calling him “old code”. In another moment, the machines seem to be at war again, but against themselves. Now, that’s intriguing.

Spin It Off

Matrix Revolutions was launched in 2003, but you’d be mistaken to think there’s an 18-years gap here. In fact, the franchise is long. The story has been revisited through comic books, anime, and games. There’s even a slot machine based on the movie, and now that Viabonus launched in Canada, it won’t be difficult to find for fans of the franchise who like a little bit of casino action. 

Here’s a timeline if you want more Matrix. 


  • 1999: Matrix 
  • 2001: The Matrix Revisited
  • 2003: The Animatrix
  • 2003: The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions

On Paper

  • 1999-2003: The Matrix Comics (Series 1 – 3)
  • 2003-2004: The Matrix Comics (Volumes 1 and 2)
  • 2005: The Matrix Online: The Official Magazine
  • 2019: The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition


  • 2003: Enter the Matrix
  • 2005: The Path of Neo
  • 2005-2009: The Matrix Online


The Matrix franchise has redefined the sci-fi genre, with loads of philosophy, special effects, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics. Computer technology has changed a great deal since the first movie. Yet, the special effects in it don’t look outdated and perhaps never will. 

Unlike those ridiculous flying saucers in movies from the 50s, Matrix doesn’t try to be real. Instead, the effects have a purely aesthetic impact most of the time. It’s also quite interesting that the movie is coming out near Christmas. In the last movie, Neo sacrifices himself to save humankind. Does it sound familiar?

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