By Chris Parcellin | July 23, 2001

How did you get started in showbiz? ^ I started in show business working for the Florida Renaissance Festival. It was really a great way to grow up. I lived with hippies and traveled the country living in a van or tent; surrounded by some of the most talented people I will ever meet. I loved the whole world of make-believe. The jousting and the princess costumes really made me feel like I was living in that era. ^ I performed a pirate-wench sword fighting show. I loved the physical action, the leather gauntlets, playing a rebel woman in a time of romance and strife.
You’ve been a couple of pretty sexy movies for Seduction Cinema. What was it like making those films? ^ Let me just say—I LOVED working with Seduction Cinema. The whole crew is amazingly talented, funny and down to earth. No matter where I go in life I will work for them forever. There was never any bullshit, THEY ARE MEN OF THEIR WORD. Classy, talented, funny: (director) Zach Snygg will forever be remembered.
They look like they’re shot on a very low budget. How long does it take to crank out one of those things? ^ Honestly, a few weeks tops depending on the location. (this does not include production time, etc.) I am amazed at the way Zach and crew make it come together.
The films I’ve seen you in involved some softcore lesbianism. Did you have a lot of dudes hanging around with their tongues hanging out when you shot that stuff? ^ What? Our cameramen with their tongues hanging out? They are usually getting swarmed by mosquitoes, carrying all of our props and waiting for the lunch bell! (Laughs)
Which was your favorite scene that you’ve done so far? ^ My favorite scene was my hotel scene with Darian (Caine, another Seduction Cinema starlet) in “Mistress of Frankenstein”. Actually, my favorite was a voice-over that happened after shooting “Gladiator Eroticus”. We had to voice-over an orgasm. After I moaned, a certain cameraman said, “Wow! I’m turned on and I’m gay!” It was so funny.
Ever experience any jealousy from costars because you’re so great-looking? If so, what happened? ^ First let me say thank you for your sweet compliment. Beauty is just God’s light shining through. There was never any jealousy on these sets. It’s a very New Yorker feeling–the women on the set seem to admire and appreciate what we are all doing. If you want cats clawing we will discuss fitness pageants someday.
Who would you really like to work with? ^ Anthony Hopkins — his intensity, his passion, this man is so like my own Father. I love that tough way his command comes across in his work. He scares me, I like that. John Malkovich would be interesting also.
What’s the downside of making B-movies? ^ Nothing in my life that I do has a downside. If people believe B-actresses are not capable of the same work, then it is usually some moral or sexual issue of their own. I love to act. B-movies gave me a chance to be seen, to work at what I love. Just as a business man boasts over his ivy-league education, I shall respect my education as a developing actress as well. A downside–oh yeah that dollar for my lottery ticket every week is sure getting expensive.
Do you feel like you’ve been typecast? ^ Sure I have, at this point. Unless someone who can ‘feel’ my energy has seen me perform. It would be stupid to assume people have not typecast me, human nature and all. That director is out there, the one who can anticipate my range, it will make him shiver with excitement — God will lead this person to me.
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