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By Chris Parcellin | January 30, 2001

Initially, it looks like “Gramaglia” is a mockumentary about a guy named Gramaglia and his girlfriend Floy and her best friend Andrea, who are getting revenge on him for writing to Andrea and asking her to cheat on Floy with him. So, the movie is actually interesting for a few minutes.
But then our auteurs can’t leave well enough alone — they introduce the plot twist that co-Director Andrew Gurland (I guess it’s him — they call him “Andrew” and there are no credits) has alerted Gramaglia to — that the gals are plotting against him. They orchestrate an unconvincing counterstrike. And this is where the movie dies completely.
“Gramaglia” is totally unconvincing as a documentary — which is apparently what we’re supposed to believe it is — and a complete failure as a send-up of documentaries. Andrea gets naked for a couple of minutes, and that’s about the only thing worth seeing in the latter part of the flick. If she’d done the whole thing bare-assed, I would’ve chipped in another half a star.

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