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By Chris Gore | December 10, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: Go! Heat Man! is a rock ‘n’ roll, coming-of-age road movie about Kosuke, a misunderstood youth who scooters, races, and rebel-yells his way across Japan. It may be 1,200 kilometers from Tokyo to Nagasaki, but he’s determined; his mother is worried, but he doesn’t care; he’s a man with a mission–a man with a piping-hot pizza to deliver to the woman he loves.

Yazaki’s film is part Easy Rider, part pizza boy -go-go. His energetic direction and bemused compassion for teenage trials and tribulations make for a fun ride, as our high school hero roars down the road on his trusty scooter, determined to find his one true love.

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