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Unlawful Justice

By Alan Ng | November 3, 2019

Ever feel like a mouse in a cage running the endless wheel to nowhere? No matter how far you run, you’re still locked in that cage. Chris Baxter tells the story of a pair of mice, a cop and teen, living in a cage known as the violent streets of Los Angeles in his feature film Unlawful Justice.

Remy (Emmanuel Vega) is the son of a decorated LAPD officer, who died in the line of duty. Like a good son, he’s following in his father’s footsteps. Unfortunately, those shoes proved to be too big for Remy to fill, and the financially strapped officer is one step to the curb unless he can collar that one big bust. As you know, police salaries are paid by the fines they collect from criminals and traffic violators. The pressure’s on. Life at home is not much better. Remy is so stressed, he’s fighting with his wife, Marley (Leila Symington), over stupid annoyances. She sees how the job is changing him for the worse and is close to leaving. To pile onto Remy’s problems more, he can’t pay the rent, and his baby needs medical attention, which is why he can’t pay the rent.

“…the financially strapped officer is one step to the curb unless he can collar that one big bust.”

Then there’s Drew (Marlon Fisher), an inner-city teen with high academic potential as he awaits his acceptance letter to attend Georgetown University. Life for Drew is already tight in many ways. His minimum wage job isn’t going to pay for college, and he gets sucked into questionable opportunities for a big payoff. His buddy, Marion (Chance Harlem Jr.), is struggling as well, caring for his young sister as her only family and trying to stay clean as he already has two strikes on his criminal record. Can these kids stay clean or will they ruin their futures forever?

Unlawful Justice (2019)

Directed and Written: Chris Baxter

Starring: Emmanuel Vega, Jezabel Montero, Marlon Fisher, Leila Symington, Chance Harlem Jr., etc.

Movie score: 5/10

Unlawful Justice Image

"…a depressing, pessimistic, life-sucks character piece."

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