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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | December 20, 2007

They’re closing in…
As December comes to a wind down the date slowly approaches for the opening of the basic internet buzz craze “Cloverfield,” which comes to movie goers January 18, 2008.

It’s been a wonderful mystery, and an interesting glimpse at the effect proper movie hype can have on impressionable movie lovers and internet surfers all over the US. It’s been six months and not a single person has been untouched by the sheer suspense of “Cloverfield.”

New arrivals to the buzz has been the beginning of the ad campaign for “Cloverfield” which I’ve seen the trailer for on MTV. It’s a longer commercial that basically gives a bit away about the rumors. “We got a bite! We got a bite!” A woman frantically screams as a character is dragged away as she bursts behind a screen in silhouette.

Many are suspecting this will be a deeply human story, but also a terrifying one, and one I’ll be watching when it comes to theaters in January.

Rob’s Blog has also been updated where he discusses a job hunt, and his complaints about his girlfriend, which many know leads to his hiring at Tagruato/Slusho.

And there is also the official MySpace Page of “Cloverfield.”

I’ll be there when it opens, and close out the “Cloverfield Investigation.”

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