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By Film Threat Staff | July 2, 2003

Nearly nine months ago, Crazy Ralph Films began searching for the next generation of horror hotties by starting “I Want to be a Scream Queen.” Through the reality TV show, producers asked aspiring actresses to send in a videotape showing why they deserved to be in a horror movie. After being overwhelmed with more than 3,000 submissions, producers eventually selected five talented women to headline their horror/comedy “Hybrid.” With editing well underway producers recently renamed their movie “KOTTENTAIL.”
Described by Writer/Director Tony Urban as a raucous horror/comedy in the spirit of Return of the Living Dead, “KOTTENTAIL” boasts a bevy of beautiful women, a monster the likes of which has never been immortalized on film and copious amounts of gore which was accomplished, in part, with the aide of the top students from Tom Savini’s Make-Up and SFX School.
The movie gets its start when a genetically altered lab animal is released into the countryside where it bites a farmer – Hans Kottentail. The genial German soon transforms into a bloodthirsty mutant which wreaks havoc on the small town. Five women, played by Scream Queens Bridget Marquardt, Noel Francomano, Heather Darling, Patricia Bellemore and Kristin Abbott, band together to bring the bloody rampage to an end.
“KOTTENTAIL” will be released in October of 2003.
Check out “Kottentail” at the I Want to be a Scream Queen website.

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