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A Nashville Wish

By Alan Ng | January 30, 2024

A boy, a girl, country music, and faith are on tap in Demetrius Navarro’s incredibly positive and uplifting tale in A Nashville Wish.

High school teen Tucker (Maxfield Camp) can’t get out of town fast enough to pursue his dream of being a country music star in Nashville with his best friend Chewie (Fletcher Olson). But first, they must graduate. Well, first, Tucker needs to make an impression on the beautiful cheerleader, Lisa (Kaileigh Bullard). Unfortunately for Tucker, Lisa comes from a wealthy family who owns a prominent business in town. Tucker gets the nerve to ask Lisa to go to the Cassie Jo Campbell (Alexis Gomez) concert with him.

As the music plays, the sparks of love fly. Tucker and Lisa quickly become an item, and as graduation approaches, tough decisions have to be made. Tucker is moving to Nashville and wants Lisa to go with him and Chewie. Lisa says yes against her parents’ wishes, but Chewie tells her that she will ruin Tucker’s chances of becoming a star and convinces her to dump Tucker and stay home. Now Tucker is heartbroken in Nashville (I see a great country song here) with his backstabbing friend, Chewie. Lisa returns to her parent’s business and that simple country life.

“A boy and girl fall in love, and life gets in the way of true love.”

Based on the stage musical of the same name, A Nashville Wish is one of those movies I used to watch on a Saturday afternoon on television when the local stations needed wholesome entertainment to play. First, the film is very safe for the family. A boy and girl fall in love, and life gets in the way of true love. The romance plays out as you’d expect but with one unexpected, big twist.

I mention the film is based on a stage musical because there is plenty of country music here. I’d say the entire film is half drama and half musical performances. The singers are top-notch, along with each song’s production values. Lee Greenwood is the most recognizable voice as Grandpa Woods. Also singing a song or two is T. Graham Brown singing a country and gospel song, and the film leads Maxfield Camp (Glee Project), Kaileigh Bullard (Nashville), and Alexis Gomez (Alexis Gomez).

Ultimately, A Nashville Wish is 100% sweet, positive, and very safe…which means it’s not for everyone. I appreciate everything the movie stands for, but I like my tales much darker. I find that the deeper into darkness you take your protagonist, the more meaningful his ascent to the light his journey becomes.

A Nashville Wish is safe for the entire family and country music fans. While the parents’ toes are tapping, the kids will learn about friendship, loyalty, and following your dreams.

A Nashville Wish comes to theaters and VOD on February 27, 2024.

A Nashville Wish (2024)

Directed: Demetrius Navarro

Written: Ty DeMartino

Starring: Maxfield Camp, Kaileigh Bullard, Lee Greenwood, Alexis Gomez, Fletcher Olson, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

A Nashville Wish Image

"…As the music plays, the sparks of love fly."

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