By Admin | October 25, 1999

A teen screamer without the three-named actresses or the annoying pop soundtrack, Generation Ax is a darkly comedic trip into high school social politics and good old-fashioned murder.
Blair (Marina Morgan) and Todd (Brian Kelly) are like two peas in a pod. Both despise the social climbers and losers in their high school and see no problem with killing those that they feel deserve it. Blair’s friend, Leslie (Jennifer Peluso) has to make the cheerleading squad. Her mother won’t stop harassing her until she is a Valley High Beaver as she was. As any good friend would do, Blair brutally murders Leslie’s competition, the perfect Trix Beasley (Amy Swaim) who beat Leslie for a spot on the squad. Now that Leslie’s a cheerleader, the popularity goes to her head, and she ignores Blair. Of course Leslie’s mother is pleased, even when she finds out about Blair’s involvement. What’s important is Leslie made the squad and Blair should be thanked. Enter new guy in town, Todd (Brian Kelly), who feels that when someone is murdered it’s “God’s will.” Todd and Blair immediately become a couple. A couple of murderers that is, killing those whom they feel deserve it. As the two deliver their own form of justice to cheerleaders and other high school scum, they in turn grow to love each other more and more. After hacking up a rapist, the two gleefully throw his brains at one another, then have sex in the shower, washing off the blood and brains. Unfortunately, the fun doesn’t last for these homicidal lovebirds thanks to a friend’s betrayal.
This indie chiller out does its big budget cousins by a mile. Ever present through out the film is the subtle dark humor behind each scene. Often, when filmmakers try to incorporate this element into a story involving killer teens it can either come off as cheesy or in poor taste. This is not the case with Generation Ax.

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