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By Film Threat Staff | December 30, 2001

Documentary filmmakers in search of a subject better hurry as this man intends to cut off his feet. No, he’s not kidding. On January 5th, live via the internet, Paul Morgan, 33, an ambulatory paraplegic, intends to use a homemade guillotine to chop off his feet. On August 24, 1986, Mr. Morgan was involved in a boating accident which left his legs useless. Now he intends to do the unthinkable — to perform a kind of self-surgery using a guillotine.
The Biloxi, Mississippi resident contacted Film Threat seeking sponsorship for the event (FT declined) but we felt this was so bizarre that we had to let our readers know about this. His heartfelt letter to us reads: ^ My name is Paul Morgan and I have kind of reached my wits end on finding the small amount of investment capital for my web site I am an ambulatory paraplegic who wishes to run again and have come with this website, however grizzly some my find it, I have received much support and media attention for this event. ^ I don’t know where I should really look for the production cost investment of 18,000 dollars, every time I start to receive interest in the investment, lawyers tend to send their clients away, scared of liability when I do not hold and the state cannot hold anyone liable.^ Without the investment money I am just in a holding pattern to actually produce my event and allow myself to run again. Insurance refuses to pay or give any statement at all towards my venture for increased quality of life. Please respond soon if possible.
If there were ever a compelling subject for a documentary, Paul Morgan’s story is it, so interested filmmakers should run, er, hurry before it’s too late.
The curious had better hurry to check out Paul Morgan’s web site at
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