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By Mark Bell | February 6, 2007

Super Bowl XLI is in the history books, with Peyton Manning’s Colts winning a rainfest, but we all know what everyone will be talking about Monday morning: the Super Bowl commercials. At last count, there were over 70 commercials shown, but we’re narrowing the field down. Here’s Film Threat’s picks for the Top Ten of the 2007 Super Bowl.

10. Nationwide: K-Fed Rolling VIP

Sure, we’re all sick of the K-Fed at this point, and this commercial got more press prior to this year’s Super Bowl than the game did, but it did stand up. Plus, I can see TV execs scrambling to turn this into a reality show called “After Britney: K-Fed’s Shitty Life.”

9. Marketing

Every year now it seems the GoDaddy Girls show up to show-off and it begs the question… is an internet domain name registration site really making so much money it can book these spots year in and year out? Or are they spending each year’s profits just to be the talk of the Super Bowl?

8. Jack in the Box: Just Like Dad

First, it makes you hungry. Then, it breaks your heart. Finally, it shows how stupid Jack’s kid is, and how wonderful that can be sometimes.

7. FedEx: Office on the Moon

It’s bound to happen sooner or later, and when it does, I’ll be wearing my meteor-proof undies (who am I kidding, I’m ALWAYS wearing my meteor-proof undies)…

6. Snickers: Kiss

Sure, ripping out your chest-hair to alleviate an accidental kiss may seem manly at the time, but really isn’t it sending the wrong, “ride me rough-style” signal?

5. Bud Light: Slapping

Bud Light should change their focus from beer to low-brow slapstick comedy. I’d pay $10 to see a film written and directed by these guys.

4. CareerBuilder: Office Jungle Fight

If work in an office was really like this, I might be inclined to “go cubicle.” But until then, I’ll just make myself happy by throwing paperclips at other FT’ers whenever we’re in the same room.

3. GM: Robot

It’s hard out there for a car-building robot…

2. Emerald Nuts: Robert Goulet

Maybe now my friends will believe me when I tell them that their apartment’s been Goulet’ed…

1. Bud Light: Rock, Paper Scissors

Finally, someone shows us how to not only win the game, but make sure no one ever tries to play it with you again. Genius.

As with most lists, we may’ve left off a few that you loved. If so, all is not lost as, thanks to the great folks at iFilm (and whatever partnership they, and other online video sites set up prior to the Super Bowl), here’s a link to every commercial that played on the 2007 Super Bowl Sunday.

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