We all know you want more Dick, so here’s your chance. Famed sci-fi author and nutcase Philip K. Dick, the man whose stories fueled the films “Blade Runner,” “Total Recall,” “Minority Report” and “Paycheck,” has finally received his very own official spot on the world wide web.
Set up by his three children, Laura, Isa and Christopher, features rare and unpublished materials, including illuminating letters, family photographs, “Blade Runner” concept sketches given to Dick by the movie
studio, an unwritten book proposal, rare interviews, and pages from the notorious Exegesis.
“Since our father’s passing over 20 years ago, we have taken seriously the job of stewards of his works,” says Isa Dick-Hackett. “Our primary concern has been to maintain the integrity of his work today, and for posterity. It is in this spirit, and motivated by the enthusiasm for our father’s work, that we bring new and exciting material to Philip K. Dick fans through this official site.”
For more info, visit the official Philip K. Dick website.

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