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By Admin | July 22, 2008

SUNDAY, JULY 27th, 2008
It’s Kids Day at the Comic-Con, which means I’m likely going to be miles away from the convention center. Seriously, if walking the Con floor was dangerous when you’re bumping into adults, imagine how much it sucks when you’re trying not to step on little kids. Wear steel-tipped boats and an iPod so you can’t hear the crying.

10:00-5:00, Room 10 – San Diego International Children’s Film Festival – Seven hours of short films for children. A good place for parents looking to relax while the kids stay entertained. Also a good place to avoid if you’re afraid of kids.

10:00-11:30, Room 26AB – Comic-Con Film School 104: Postproduction with a Spotlight on Film Festivals – The annual film school wraps up, and hopefully, if you’ve been attending day in and day out, that you’ve learned something useful. If I haven’t escaped San Diego by this point, I may drop in to hear what they have to say about fests because, well, that’s something I enjoy, oddly enough.

11:30-12:00, Ballroom 20 – Focus Features: “Hamlet 2” – This film starring Steve Coogan was easily the funniest film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, so you might as well check it out and end your Con with a smile or fifteen.

11:30-12:30, Room 26AB – CCI: IFF Awards – If you want to know who took top honors during the San Diego Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, then drop by here for the good word.

12:00-12:45, Ballroom 20 – “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” – John Cho, Kal Penn and Neil Patrick Harris will be on-hand to shill the DVD release of the latest “Harold and Kumar” film, if that interests you at all.

1:00-1:30, Ballroom 20 – “Friday the 13th” – Want a first-look at the new “Friday the 13th” re-make? No. Want to boo and hiss loudly at the screen in a forum where the creators of said re-make will possibly hear your disdain? There you go…

1:30-2:30, Ballroom 20 – Rogue Pictures Showcase – Wes Craven will be on-hand to talk all about his “25/8” and David Goyer will debut tidbits from “The Unborn.”

4:00-5:00, Ballroom 20 – “Buffy the Musical” – Programming at the Con ends with this audience participation-friendly screening of the classic television “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” musical. If you’re not staying one more night in San Diego, chances are you’re stuck in the bumper-to-bumper traffic ride out of town, but it might be worth delaying the traffic pain for just one more bit of Con celebration.

There you have it, the day-by-day schedule of film-friendly Con programming, not including all the different booths and showcases on the Comic-Con Exhibition Floor itself. I, Chris Gore, Eric Campos, Zack Haddad and newcomer Matt Blair will be out-and-about throughout the event, so say hi if you run into us. Well, apologize first. If you just run into me and don’t say “sorry,” we’re likely to both be in the principal’s office…

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