Even though the kids will still be in school for another month, and the weather hasn’t completely turned furnace-like, this Friday makes the beginning of the Summer blockbuster season with the release of Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man.” With so many films coming out over the course of the next four months, Film Threat takes a look at what’s to come and offers our thoughts on what might be worth seeing with the disclaimer that, for the more inde movie fare, that release dates could change (so don’t blame us if they do).


“Iron Man”
This is the film that kicks off the season, and all signs point to a quality movie-going experience; quality equaling explosions, copious CGI, superheroics and Robert Downey Jr. playing a war profiteer/womanizer/millionaire/drunk. Is he being typecast? We’ll soon find out…

“Made of Honor”
They can’t all be action-adventure flicks. This one starts the lesser Summer franchise tradition: the romantic comedy. Oh, Patrick Dempsey, we can’t wait until you do the remake for “Can’t Buy Me Love.” If directors can remake their own flicks (See “Funny Games,” half the Asian horror flicks over the last two years), you should be able to replay your own role.

“Mister Lonely”
F**k the blockbusters, see something good that’ll make you think. Harmony Korine’s latest won’t be for everybody, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out between repeat “Iron Man” viewings.

“Son of Rambow”
It’s sweet, it’s funny and it did “Rambo” justice. If you want something that’ll make you feel good about life, check out this flick.

“Speed Racer”
Why are people excited about this? Did anyone see the same cartoon I did? Wake me when we get a John Woo directed version of “Clutch Cargo.”

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