By Eric Campos | February 13, 2002

This project comes to you from a couple of guys who think Bavarian people, with their funny accents, are a great source for knee-slapping fun. So, they don some lederhosen, suspenders and Bavarian hats and take the roles of Gunther and Hans, a coupla dickheads who you’d love to see be hit by a bus. In an attempt to escape their evil bed nurse, a dude who takes to dressing up as Little Orphan Annie, the disastrous duo hop on a little bicycle and jet, but not before cracking wise with, “We better make like a bratwurst at Oktoberfest and go fast.” Just to let you know what the humor’s like in this thing.
The only positive comment I can sling at this piece is that it’s short, so I didn’t have to put up with it for very long. You’d have to be pretty wasted to get off on this one, but why waste a good brain melt on “Gunther and Hans” when you can watch something quality like “Dead Guy” or “Robot Bastard” instead.

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