More pictures exist in the Film Threat Blogs, but here’s a few of the absolute highlights!

Reelz Channel’s Jeff Otto, rapper Versatile, some guy and Public Enemy’s Chuck D.

Festival Programmer God James Faust has this look on his face ALL the time.

When you battle the top Guitar Hero player in the world, Daniel Serna, you have to show the proper respect.

The “Frag” gang rocking their Q&A: Rafik “Lost-Cauze” Bryant, producer Judd Saul, director Mike Pasley, AFI staffer (sorry, I still can’t remember your name), Daniel “Sephi” Serna and Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel

Director King Hollis and Producer Melina McKinnon answer questions at the “Bowling for Soup” Q&A

Which one is the Nerdcore rapper? DJ Pork Roll and MC Frontalot

Say WHAT!?! Bobby D in the house!

In Dallas it rains paper!

AFI Dallas Film Festival Artistic Director Michael Cain takes an important call while rocking out on stage with the Polyphonic Spree.

Check out the final breakdown of film reviews, interviews and blogs in Part 3 of Film Threat’s 2008 AFI Dallas Film Festival Wrap-up>>>

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