The Hollywood Film Festival and Film Threat celebrates Halloween together with the Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Festival, taking place October 21, 22 and 23 at the Arclight in Los Angeles. The program is as follows:

Friday – October 21 – 10pm

Dead Serious ^ Directed by Joe Sullivan ^ They’re here! They’re queer! They’re deadly! When a religious zealot takes over a New York gay bar in an attempt to remove the scourge of homosexuality from the planet, he incurs the wrath of the undead. Stars Felissa Rose of “Sleepaway Camp.”

Saturday – October 22 – 10pm

X,Y ^ Directed by Vladimir Vitkin ^ Based on the cult novel of the same name, recently dubbed as one of the best horror novels of the last 25 years, “X,Y” is a disturbing psycho-sexual fetishistic nightmare, examining sexual identity and relationships that plays like a “Freaky Friday” for adults when a stripper loses her memory and becomes inexplicably convinced that she’s a man. A perfect date movie!

Sunday – October 23 – 10pm

Shorts Program:

Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day ^ Directed by Faye Hoerauf and Jessica Baxter ^ A Seattle snowstorm brings about a zombie invasion.

Cost of Living ^ Directed by Jonathan Joffe ^ Discover the price some people will pay to live forever.

Graveless ^ Directed by Christian Ray ^ A grim tale of a man trapped by a brutal killer who wants to know his darkest fears.

The Neighborly Thing ^ Directed by Samantha Light ^ A chilling tale about a man’s overzealous obsession with his upstairs neighbor.

Dead Shift ^ Directed by Ana Djordjevic ^ A naïve gas station clerk receives a visit from a zombie in the dead of night.

Road Kill ^ Directed by Mark Mardini ^ Two killers compete for the greatest serial killing spree of all time.

Meat Market ^ Directed by Remo Camerota ^ Meat Market is a reflection of what extremes men go to try to pick up women.

Clown ^ Directed by Karl Hirsch ^ Hallucinations of an evil clown threaten a man’s sanity after he visits a haunted liquor store.

Creep ^ Directed by Jon Clark ^ The end is near for an elderly woman and her little dog.

Fever ^ Directed by Charlie Griak ^ A young revolutionary boldly enters a hell of madness, guilt and persecution in his quest to test the limits of the human will.

For more info, visit the Hollywood Film Festival website.

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