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By Film Threat Staff | August 9, 2005

The 6th annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival is set to roll August 17 – 21 at the Crest Theater.

A brief outline of the festivities include:

Wed. 8/17 – Opening Night: ^ Feature film: “Her Minor Thing” ( Directed by Charlie Matthau and starring Estella Warren. Filmed entirely in Sacramento! Includes Cast & Crew Q&A (and exclusive after-party for VIP pass holders!)

Thurs. 8/18 – Dramatic Feature + Dramatic Shorts Program ^
Feature film: “Touching Down” ( Local filmmaker Chris King presents a heartfelt story of a father and daughter’s rocky relationship.

Fri. 8/19 – Comedy Feature + Comedy Shorts program ^ Feature film: “My Big, Fat Independent Movie” ( A low brow comedy for the high brow crowd.

Sat. 8/20 – Great Shorts + Feature + SAC MUSIC SEEN + Midnight TFO feature ^ Feature film: “Definition of Insanity” ( A tragi-comedy about elusive dreams, love, loss, and the passions that drive us, structured as a documentary about Robert, an actor moving past his prime who is still running after that one great role.

Music program: “Sac Music Seen” ( Dozens of music videos produced for local artists by local filmmakers. Awesome examples of Sacramento talent. Live music performances to be announced.

Midnight Feature: “”El Tigre Diablo in The Curse of the Golden Skull” ( Director: Darin Wood and the Trash Film Orgy team have created a film that includes the words: thwart, nefarious, insidious and sinister – need we say more?

Sun. 8/21 – Great Features + Shorts + 10×10 Film Challenge ^ Feature: “The Drugging of Our Children”( This feature-length documentary examines the alarming growth in the prescription of powerful psychotropic drugs for adolescents and children.

Feature: “A Perfect Fit” ( An unstable man, tormented by nightmares, seeks help from a shrink but is pushed over the edge into increasingly dangerous, psychotic territory by a relationship he is unable to control. Starring Adrien Grenier of HBO’s ‘The Entourage’.

Shorts: “10×10 Film Challenge” ( – Local filmmakers are given 10 days to make a 10 minute movie – but they must all use the same theme provided by festival organizers. Last year’s program brought the house down! This year’s subject is TBA – watch for details.

For more info, visit the Sacramento Film and Music Festival website.

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