By Eric Campos | January 22, 2003

I guess you’d really have to watch yourself if you lived in Biblical times. Call the wrong guy an a*****e and you could find yourself suffering the wrath of God. What a bummer.
“Extreme Bible Stories” tells the story of little Bobby and Suzy as they mistakenly call a stranger a “bald-head.” Those nasty little brats. Anyways, the stranger turns out to be an Old Testament prophet and he calls upon God to take care of some dirty work for him. Not long after this request is placed, a couple of bloodthirsty bears tear the kids to pieces.
Funny thing about this story is that it can be found in the Bible, as we’re shown the actual scripture at the end of the film. Artist William Ross has just taken the scripture, brought it to life with some humorously shoddy animation and added a few twists of his own. Funny stuff.

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