By Admin | October 4, 1999

Filmed in “Gerald Fordovision” with footage from a 1964 film entitled Mondo Zombie, The Collegians Are Go, takes zombies and music to new heights. Featuring a zombie JFK and mummy LBJ along with a hardcore Texas rock soundtrack, The Collegian’s Are Go is 24 minutes of rockin’ fun.
The Collegians are three unlikely heroes who not only hunt zombies, but also make up a rock band of the same name on the side. Professor Dr. Collegian (Dean Collegian), scientist Chuck Collegian (Chuck Collegian) and hooligan student Tad (Flippy McDaniels) take on the evil powers of rival rock band the Los Tigres Guapos. It’s one year after the Kennedy assassination and the Los Tigres Guapos have created a zombie JFK who wanders the streets of Dallas feeding on the flesh of the living. The Collegians leave their campus in Austin, Texas to pursue the zombie in Dallas. Along the way Tad’s constant need for beer must be monitored. At one point he collapses on the street from withdrawal as Dr. Collegian and Chuck go on to hunt down the zombie using Chuck’s Zombometer. They discover the Los Tigres Guapos compound only to find that they have also created a mummy LBJ. After a mosh pit style fight segment between the archrivals, The Collegians joined by the revived Tad take on the undead duo of JFK and LBJ on the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza.
Shot in grainy, black and white super 8 with dubbed voice overs, and featuring vintage clothing and cars, the entire film looks as if it were set in the early 60’s, as it should. This makes it hard to tell which scenes are from the original 1964 film and which of them were filmed for the new production. But, I found it really didn’t matter, this film’s just too much fun. The music of both The Collegians and Los Tigres Guapos provides the icing on the cake.

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