By admin | November 9, 2003

We see so much stuff that’s shot on digital video nowadays that it’s a pleasure to view something shot on film, especially if it’s in glorious Super 8 black and white. Delicious.
Shot MOS, “Eraticate” is a fairy-tale like film complete with narration cards and soft, dreamy music. It tells the tale of a girl and the special bond she shares with her two rats. It’s a very loving household, just her and the rats, but the balance is disturbed when she brings home a guy. He doesn’t really care for the rats and he even takes to tormenting them behind her back.
The rats have had enough of this shit. While the girl and her lover are sleeping, the rats escape from their cage with the objective of taking back their happy home. I won’t tell you what happens next, but just know that the girl awakens the next morning to find a Dear John letter in place of her boyfriend. The letter is written on a postcard that has a picture of a bare ass with the words “Fuck You” painted across it.
Directed by Film Threat contributor Ross Williams, “Eraticate” will make sure all you pet owners out there are a little more careful about who you bring home.

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