By Eric Campos | March 27, 2006

You may have heard of “Dumbland.” It’s the series of webtoons David Lynch created all by his lonesome using Flash. The toons were made available on his website, as well as Atomfilms.com. This DVD brings all eight toons together in a tidy 30 minute compilation. Get ready for a whole case of crazy…but I don’t have to tell you that.

Through crudely drawn animations, David Lynch gives us the…adventures…of a suburbanite meathead. A hulking dump of a man covered with stubbled hair and bellowing through a disgusting pie mouth terrorizes his family and the local natives by belching, farting, raunchy insults and random acts of violence. It’s awesome seeing David Lynch making something so low-brow and ridiculous as this. It just goes to show that the guy loves a good fart joke just like the rest of us. “Dumbland” does however carry the classic Lynchian brand of strangeness and those fans of his that consider Dell from “Wild at Heart” one of his greatest characters will eat this stuff up. It’s random overkill and you just can’t help but laugh.

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