By Film Threat Staff | June 15, 2000

FilmFilm.com, the first complete movie studio on the Internet, has announced the New Directors Competition, which will award one filmmaker who has previously completed at least one film guaranteed funding for production of a feature film.
“Digital filmmaking opens exciting new worlds from both a creative and technical perspective,” noted FilmFilm officer and renowned writer/director/producer Nora Ephron (You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally). “At FilmFilm we provide the information, tools and resources to produce and exhibit films all over the world.”
FilmFilm is an Internet-based full-service movie studio, offering a full spectrum of creative and production services, including offline distribution and Web-based exhibition. FilmFilm provides development, production, promotion and exhibition/distribution services.
Filmmakers must submit a copy of a film they have already directed for review by the FilmFilm Review Committee. All films submitted will be considered for screening in the FilmFilm Screening Room. A group of semi-finalists, chosen from among the primary submissions, will be asked to submit a completed screenplay of the film project they would like to direct next. The Review Committee will then pick four winners one grand prize winner and three runner-ups. The Grand Prize winner will receive an opportunity to pitch their film to select industry executives in California and New York. If the project does not receive a ‘green light,’ then they will receive $75,000 and other support from the FilmFilm management team for the production of their film. The three runners-up will receive Production Hosting support, including Web sites for their individual projects.
To enter the contest, or to check it out for yourself, simply log on to [ www.filmfilm.com ]

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