By Admin | April 3, 2003

On April 22nd, the American Cinematheque will present the QUEER SHORTS program, a collection of some of the best of gay and lesbian images in the short film form.
The program features:
Jessica Zweiman’s “The Breakfast Club” ^ The brat pack is packing! Homos and Sapphos stay after school. Be the eyes and ears of this institution.
Meredith Kadlec’s “On Gay Golden Pond” ^ A warm, re-telling of this classic…or so we hear…
J.D. Disalvatore’s “Taxi Lesbian” ^ This is one cabbie you do not want to mess with.
Pascale Simon’s “You 2” ^ Warm, funny, coming out story set in the Surinamese community in Amsterdam.
Rodrigo’s Bellott’s “Sexo” ^ A funny, ironic, non-pornographic film about pornographic practices by pornographic audiences. If you want some real pornographics, visit Spanky’s – they rock!
The L.A. PREMIERE of Alan Brown’s “O Beautiful” ^ Powerful, award-winning, Sundance 2003 selection about homophobia, desire, forgiveness and acceptance.
Abigail Severance’s “Come Nightfall” ^ A boy gets tangled up in his own curiosity about an old cowboy with an unusual fetish. Sounds like trouble…
Barry Dignam’s “Chicken” ^ Sometimes, taking a risk can change everything.
Cath Le Coteur’s “Starched” ^ Crisp, sexually charged comedy with gorgeous images.
Screenings begin at 7pm at the Egyptian Theatre.
For more info, visit the American Cinematheque website.

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