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By Film Threat Staff | November 9, 1998

[ What’s your story ] ^ “Gargoyle Girls” is the story of a mediocre children’s party magician who accidentally releases two thirteenth century female gargoyles into modern day society.
[ What does the title mean? ] ^ It is self descriptive, but when I tell people the title they initially think it’s a porn film. Tell me would you like to see naked Gargoyles. I think not.
[ What was the budget/schedule? ] ^ The film was shot for about forty or so thousand in cash and a another forty in deferred payments. Shot and edited over a grueling 15 month period.
[ Did you sacrifice anything because of the budget? ] ^ I sacrificed only what really needed to be sacrificed. I really wanted to do this on film, but I figured I would never be able to raise the cash the film needed for that, so I decided to do it on digital video instead. I am glad I did.
[ Why did you do it? ] ^ I needed to start somewhere. After a long stint as a special make up effects artist I decided to see what I could do from behind the camera.
[ Current status of the film? ] ^ Seeking distribution.
[ Advice or pearls of brilliant film making wisdom? ] ^ If you can’t find work in the film business then make work. Grab your idea hold on and take your lumps. It eventually pays off.
[ Was it worth it? ] ^ Absolutely. I can’t wait to do it again. In fact I am doing it again.
[ What’s next? ] ^ I am in pre production on my current project (Working title) American Nightmare. It’s going to be a supernatural thriller. Kind of a mix between lethal weapon and ghostbusters. Already finished the new script.
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