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By Film Threat Staff | September 18, 2002

Awhile ago we reported on this film about the lengths filmmakers go to make their no budget masterpieces. Now, we’ve just heard from producer Jon Williams and he had this to say about “Diary of a Bad Lad” –
Well, “Bad Lad” is now 97% shot – the nature of the beast: no-budget, documentary style, people working on it in their spare time, means that it’s taken ages – I mean, just think of the continuity problems! But the idea is so strong (Frustrated documentary filmmaker and Nick Broomfield fan, Barry Lick, decides to make a video diary about his attempt to make a documentary about a local businessman with a reputation for being involved in prostitution, pornography and the importation of very large quantities of recreational drugs) that everyone has not only hung in there with it, but the “Bad Lad” community has grown and grown.
Check out the website for Diary of a Bad Lad.

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