Chris Seaver, the founder of Low Budget Pictures, has a strange and sick sense of humor. With the advent of DV, computer editing programs, and websites designed as support systems for independent filmmakers, there are literally hundreds of makeshift companies out there producing gore, filth, trash, sludge, slime, dirt, and disgusting garbage that is routinely passed on as legitimate independent cinema. Because of the success (albeit it the success of cult status) of Troma, along with the development of distribution companies that specialize in low budget crap, the market is literally flooded with foul, offensive raunch. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s like saying, “Oh no, now there are 5 million beers in the refrigerator!” But if some of the beer tastes like piss, and some of the beer is sweet sweet honey mead, but all the bottles look the same, how can you possibly sift through the crap to get to the goods?

Remember when there were only a few beers in the fridge, and they were all sweet sweet honey mead? Where are the good times when films like Peter Jackson’s “Bad Taste” and Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead were special ’cause no one else was doing it? Oh, I guess those times are passed. Wake up, Heidi. That’s what happens. Time passes. Things change. And films get crappier, smaller, more inane (sort of like all those Bridget Jones-esque novels for women that you get bombarded with when you walk into borders that are described as “a wacky and witty Bridget Jones-esque novel about one woman’s funny quest to find herself while shopping and sleeping around”). It just loses its luster after a while, and nothing seems to stand out. It makes you wonder if anyone is actually capable of having a new idea.

Then someone like Chris Seaver, who has been making films for over ten years, gains some recognition and you realize that all of the crap you’ve been spewing (okay, that I’ve been spewing) about those retarded female “Sex and the City” novels and low budget horror films means nothing. Because there is such a thing as talent, as originality even in the face of overwhelming conformity and copycat artists. Lets face it, when Monet painted everyone was a goddamn impressionist. For some reason, we liked him more. He was just better at it.

Chris Seaver is just better at it. His films fall into that same convoluted genre; Trashy Horror Comedy Camp. And his are among the best. There are those who would disagree with me. Go ahead, make my f*****g day. I’ll bet you’re the same people who would rather die than watch Dead Alive with me one more time, yet you rushed out to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and probably clapped at the academy awards. So, you can disagree. In fact, go to the Film Threat forums right now and disagree. Or convince Chris Gore to let you write for Film Threat and you can do your own article. I’d love to hear what you think of “Filthy McNasty” or “Mulva, Zombie A*s Kicker”. While you’re at it tell me what you thought of “Evil Dead” and Spider-Man 2.

Get the interview in part two of CHRIS SEAVER’S TRASH IS BETTER THAN YOURS>>>

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