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By Rory L. Aronsky | April 3, 2005

Bob Beefkins (writer/producer/director Robert Reeves) is every single a*****e murderously despised at sporting events, concerts, costume-flooded conventions, all of them. Late to the famous ceremony at the end of “A New Hope”, he makes it just in time with a tray of goodies and doesn’t know what in the name of purple lightsabers is going on.

Robert Reeves fortunately does, and with him, “Cheap Seats” understands and executes the proper definition of a parody which is to make fun of something seen in a film or heard in a song or witnessed in a truck stop bathroom, while also creating something new. And what better way to make it happen than to break up part of a row of ramrod-standing X-Wing pilots? This is one of the good 2005 Star Wars Fan Film Award selections.

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