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By Film Threat Staff | October 4, 2000

This year’s Seattle Underground Film Festival, the second-ever event, is scheduled to rise up on [ October 6th ] and finish things off on [ October 14th, 2000, ] which means that ground zero for this alternative gathering is just days away. All Underground screenings will take place at [ Seattle’s Capitol Hill Cinema, at Cinema 18 and the Little Theatre. ]
Preliminary bashes include the October 6th, 7:30 PM screening of Tom Putman’s feature film “Shafted!” wherein an average white guy thinks he’s none other than blaxploitation star Shaft. (John Shaft!) Plus, Gary Coleman stars as himself. The next day is the Underground’s [ Planet STIFF ] alterna-fest, which will host cinema, live music, technology, and…naked art. Naked. Art.
The Seattle Underground Film Festival has ticket information available at the following numbers:
[ Little Theater: (206) 675-2055 ^ CINEMA 18: (206) 860-8590 ]
Or, visit the Underground on the web at [ the official Seattle Underground Film Festival website. ]

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