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By Phil Hall | September 6, 2008

Do you love the 70s? Do you love hippy-dippy pop tunes with ding-dong lyrics that refer to moon shadows, space ships and the search for a hard headed woman? Well, look what fell out of the Wayback Machine: a 1971 PBS mini-concert featuring Cat Stevens at his peak.

Cat Stevens? Allah akhbar! Yes, Cat spends 30 minutes in an unplugged setting with eight of his distinctive tunes. “Moonshadow” (a personal favorite for reasons that only a deviant psychologist can explain) kicks off the concert, along with AM radio favorites “Wild World,” “Father and Son” and “Hard Headed Woman.” But the real discovery here is “Longer Boats,” a cryptic tune that may or may not be about the human race being transported away via spaceship to salvation in the far corners of the universe.

Production-wise, this is fairly low-key. Basically, it is Cat, two accompanyists, and a bunch of kids sitting around them in a semi-circle. Ah, the old days of music TV.

This DVD also includes a funky animated short called “Teaser and the Firecat” that mixes “Yellow Submarine”-style artwork, a zany Spike Milligan narration and Cat meowing “Moonshadow.” Hell, if you remember the 70s, you’ll be in orgasm with this one!

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