By Admin | December 29, 2003

Imagine if kid-schlock puppet masters Sid & Marty Krofft went on a really bad acid trip and then decided to do a live action super-hero show. The results would be something similar to “Brainwarp.”

“Brainwarp” is the colorful and demented creation of writer Eric Hoffman (who also plays the title character) and director Jon Schnepp. Basically, “Brainwarp” is the stupidest villain in Magnet City who needs to come up with $200 to make his rent. To pull off his evil plans, Brainwarp assembles a team of super villains called The Legion Of Rude People.

Insanity ensues as Super Detective Pinky Skink attempts to stop the Legion whose members include Whip-Head, The Conductor and Lipstikk (played by Padget Brewster). Throw in the exploits of the Bikini Army and the hilarious Captain Manic and things start to get really strange.

The best way to describe “Brainwarp” is that it’s like acid on acid. It’s truly a creation all its own.

Writers note: Don’t take any type of hallucinogenic drugs before viewing or you may never return from Brainwarp.

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