By Admin | January 22, 2006

Oh, how this film took me by surprise. Being a hardcore fan of “The Twilight Zone” it was brutally clear where the influences for this film stemmed from. If there was to be a remake of the famous episode “Where is Everybody?” from the original series of “The Twilight Zone” this would be it. “Still Life” is a very creepy and utterly surprising suspense thriller about a young man suffering from sleep deprivation who runs over someone in the road, he steps out to see if the person is alright, and is shocked to stumble upon a town littered with mannequins. Whom look to be alive. As he ventures in to the town he discovers the mannequins and they seem to be moving every time he looks away. Is it an elaborate prank? A dream? Or a hallucination? Frightened, he rushes in to a house where he proceeds to smash a family of mannequins and makes an utterly surprising discovery. “Still Life” is ingenious with great direction that’s both a balance of suspense, sheer lunacy, black humor and very well done editing. The mannequins move only when our main character looks away for a moment and that makes them all the more frightening. “Still Life” ends on a surprise and utterly morbid twist, and makes us go over how our eyes, and our mind can play tricks on us when we least expect it to.

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