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By Film Threat Staff | April 6, 2004

Independent filmmakers Jeff Cioletti and Lou Tambone, the team responsible for the Silent but Deadly series of short film parodies have announced that “Silent but Deadly 3,” the last in the series, will make its debut at the Empire Fan Fest sci-fi convention in Secaucus, NJ. The convention will take place April 17-18, 2004 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus.
The first in the series, Silent but Deadly, was entered into the very first Lucasfilm-sponsored fan film awards in 2002 hosted by It came away with an honorary mention and was a runner-up for audience choice award. Silent but Deadly 2 was entered in the 2003 contest and came away with the “Spirit of Fandom” award giving Cioletti and Tambone a pleasant surprise. “Silent but Deadly 3” will debut at the convention but will also be entered into the 2004 contest two months later.
“We really went all out on this one,” says Tambone. “We worked hard for the laughs and did some things we didn’t think we could pull off, and that’s without special effects or fancy equipment. Everyone who makes an appearance really gave their best and I hope people get a few laughs.”
Picking up immediately after the events of “Silent but Deadly” 1 and 2, “Silent but Deadly 3″ begins with an unholy alliance of the three webmasters from the first film and the “Crazed Fan” from the second. The four friends are now on a mission of revenge against their enemies, George Lucas’ two favorite justice-dealing Stormtroopers.
They come together with a wild plan to take care of the troopers once and for all, fulfilling their need for revenge after being captured, humiliated and somewhat tortured. The troopers are, of course, ready as ever for them, albeit slightly surprised. They are not ready to give up that easily, however, especially to a few Star Wars geeks.
Who will win out in the end? Will it be the four intelligent but bumbling Star Wars fans or two of George Lucas’ elite troopers? You’ll have to check out the film to find out.
The fans who have been following the ‘Silent but Deadly’ saga are in for a treat,” says Jeff Cioletti. “Everyone will finally get to see the story come full circle and hopefully laugh their butts off along the way. It’s been quite a ride.”
For more info, check out the Silent But Deadly website.

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