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There is just so much love that is expressed in romantic movies. Filmmakers have shown that love still exists out there and that love makes the world go around. As you watch some of the best romantic movies you will relate to the storyline portrayed by the best actors and actresses in the world. The good thing about romantic movies is that it’s not all about showing off romantic scenes but some of these are brought out within the movies that happen in our daily lives. 

After We Collided 

The 1 hour and 46 minutes long movies were released in 2020. The movie features some of the best actors and actresses in the world. These include Candice King as Kimberly, Inanna Sarkis as Molly Samuels and hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin Scott.

Directed by Roger Kumble the storyline is centred on the lead actress Tessa who faces challenges in a relationship that will lead to her making a life-changing decision. 

In all of the stories you then find out that Tessa has issues with men taken from her childhood where she didn’t have a father figure in her life growing up.

She keeps getting hurt but still realises that she loves Hardin more than anyone. In the end, you find this romantic movie so interesting after seeing how the love of two people can never end despite the situations they can encounter.

Fifty Shades Of Grey 

Inspired by the novel series Fifty Shades Of Grey is one of the best romantic movies that you can watch. The movies however have an age restriction seeing that there are too many explicit sexual scenes that are not suitable for underage audiences.

The movie starring Jamie Dornan as Christian and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele together with the famous pop, artist Rita. The storyline is centred on the literature student who steal and then fall in love with the handsome and rich Christian grey. 

In all of his glory, Christian has a past that he tries so well to keep away from and but she makes it a point to know more about it. 

If you are looking for dominating, pleasurable and painful sexual content this is the movie for you. From fifty shades of Grey, you then have to continue watching the story in Fifty Shades Darker and finally, Fifty Shades Freed. Fifty Shades is the most talked about, even some online casinos have a romantic slot based on this movie.

Me Before You 

It starts with her just getting a job but little did she know that she was also going to find love. Staring Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin as the lead actors in the movie will take you into an imaginative world of love. Louisa falls in love with the now crippled Will Traynor a wealthy young man who got into a car accident years earlier.

Their love story is so amazing seeing how their love for each other grows every second they spend together. The story is taken from the best-selling. Directed by Thea Sharrock. One of the things that you can draw from the amazing love story is that it doesn’t matter what situation you are in.

365 Days 

One of the most amazing erotic romance novels that you can watch.365 days is a movie directed by Tomas Mandes together with Barbara Bialowas. It features some of the best actors on the planet that is Michelle Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

The storyline is more interesting seeing how these two lovers found love in 365 Days. Laura Biel is given the task to fall in love with her kidnapper Don Massimo in a matter of 365 Days. The movie is based on a story by Blanka Lipinska 365 Days. If you don’t think 365 Days is for you, you can check out online casino for real money to refresh your mind. 

The Last Letter From Your Lover 

This is a typical romantic movie that will take you back in time. At the same time, it shows the investigative journalistic ethics that seeks to solve the mystery of the love affair that happened in the 60s. The movie is directed by Augustin Frizell and stares Shailene Woodley as Janifer Stirling.


It’s all in focus if you are looking for some fun time this is the movie for you. Talk of crime, comedy and love you find it all in focus. Staring the award-winning Will Smith and Margot Robbie this is the interesting love affair story that you should watch. 

As Nicky teaches jess the ropes of being a con artist he falls in love with her. As a way to avoid getting hurt will Nicky in the movie distances himself from Margot Jess in focus. However, as fate has it they meet again three years later and they are reunited.

There is just so much excitement that watching these movies can bring to you. As you relax watching the theme you will surely see the power of love. Love gets to conquer every situation there is in the world. All you need is to be in love with the right person as shown in the movies.

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